Black Swan

The first thing that strikes you as you walk through the doors is the magnificent view. A beautiful vista of rolling hills, laden with grape vines that just draws you in.
The restaurant splits off to either side with tables laid out to take advantage of the stunning scenery. So the restaurant’s easy to find, but where is the cellar door? There is a large room off to the left that accommodates the reception area, the main bar for the restaurant and tucked away in the corner, almost as an afterthought is the tasting area. A small counter and scattered wine barrels try to distinguish a dedicated area, however amid the hustle and bustle of a busy lunch period it really feels like it’s encroaching on the restaurant and it was tough to get anyone’s attention to organize a wine tasting This is a shame because there’s some great wines here but looking at their website there seems to be a definite drive to create an online cellar door only. All of this being said, the restaurant looks fantastic and the menu had plenty of wonderful dish’s but I was here to taste their wines, and that was a bit of a letdown.
Should you visit Black Swan for just a wine tasting? Not at the moment. To dine at their restaurant? Definitely!

Open hours

Day of Week Cellar Door Restaurant
Monday from 11am Lunch
Tuesday from 11am Lunch
Wednesday from 11am Lunch, Dinner
Thursday from 11am Lunch, Dinner
Friday from 11am Lunch, Dinner
Saturday from 11am Lunch, Dinner
Sunday from 11am Lunch


Black Swan

8600 West Swan Rd, Henley Brook, WA

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