A new day and a new favourite.  Cellar doors take note! The bar has been set HIGH!  If you could write a list of what a good cellar door needs to have then Olive Farm ticks every box and then some.  A long driveway surrounded by vines leads you to two beautifully designed buildings. One is the Olive Farm Winery, and the other is its sister business, The Cheese Barrel. The architecture is stunning, a blend of timber, steel and concrete that successfully makes a statement as well as blending in with the surrounding environment. Inside the cellar door it’s slick and modern. There are no printed tasting notes with wine spills, instead you’ll find a number of iPads mounted on the bar allowing you to easily scroll through their wines. And what a selection there is! Olive Farm has every one of their wines available for tasting, over 25 on offer. And no tasting fee to be seen. The girl who served me was delightfully knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the wines, the business and happy to extol the virtues of the area. They only sell their wines via the cellar door, and all their grapes are grown on the property.  With 25 wines, it means that some wines may have low volume supplies. For example their Viognier is a mere two rows of vines skirting the driveway. If something is sold out, you won’t have any problem finding something else you like. Their wines are really that good.  All wines from the whites, to the reds and the fortifieds are brilliantly executed from the picking to the selling. Their fortified wines are presented in beautifully crafted decanter-style bottles, and although I told myself I was buying their extremely luscious and silky fortified Shiraz as a gift for someone, I have no doubt it will find a prominent place in my bar. If you only have time to visit one winery in the Swan Valley this is right up there with the best in the region. Go and discover Olive Farm Wines, you won’t be disappointed.

Open hours

Day of Week Cellar Door Restaurant
Monday 9am – 5pm Lunch
Tuesday 9am – 5pm
Wednesday 9am – 5pm
Thursday 9am – 5pm Lunch, Dinner
Friday 9am – 5pm Lunch, Dinner
Saturday 9am – 5pm Lunch, Dinner
Sunday 10am – 5pm Lunch, Dinner

Additional Info: Open public holidays 10am – 5pm



30 Bennett St, Caversham, WA

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