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1 2 Gallon Wine Jug

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1/2 Gallon Jug, Clear - Home Brewery
    These handled bottles are great for carrying a half gallon of your wine or already carbonated keg beer to go. Just use a 38mm Screw top lid to seal it tight. Sturdy, clear bottle is also great for fermenting yeast starters when used with an airlock and stopper. 1/2 gallon, new clear glass

Clear Glass Jugs - choice of size - Beer Wine Hobby Store View
    These clear glass jugs are perfect for wine or still liquids. Available in 1/2 gallon and 1 gallon sizes. Screw caps sold separately. The jug also accepts a #6 bored rubber stopper for fermenting.

Glass Wine Jugs Wholesale - The Cary Company
    Glass Wine Jugs for Storage & Fermentation. Multiple Size options including 1 Gallon, 1/2 Gallon, etc. Shop Today at Wholesale and Bilk Pricing! -- The Cary Company, Trusted Since 1895!

Wine Bottling Supplies - Northern Brewer
    May 25, 2020 · Amber 1/2 Gallon Glass Growler Jug $8.99 The Amber 1/2 gallon glass jug is perfect for making a large yeast starter, experimenting with fruit flavors in your wine or beer, or for storing s...

Glass Carboys & Glass Jugs for Home Brewing
    Jun 06, 2020 · 1/2 Gallon Clear Glass Growler Jug $4.99 Individual 1/2 gallon glass screw-top jug. Seal with a #6 stopper or a 38mm screw cap (#7822), sold separately. ... Perfect for 2-3 gallon batches of beer, wine, cider, mead and even kombucha! ... View full details Fermonster 3 Gallon …

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