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1 Gallon Batch Of Wine

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Homemade Peach Wine - Practical Self Reliance
    The recipe here is for a one-gallon batch… If you’re using 6-gallon wine buckets, you’d need to really increase the recipe. The peach chunks take up a good bit of space and will be removed, so for each bucket you should have added enough ingredients for AT LEAST 5 gallons of wine in order to fill them up to the 6-gallon fill line.

Dandelion Wine Recipe (& the Mistake You Don't Want to Make)
    Conventional wisdom says that 1.25 pounds of honey can be substituted for 1 pound of sugar in any wine recipe to produce an equivalent amount of alcohol; substitute honey for all of the sugar and you make some form of honey wine, or mead. The 1.25 pounds of honey for 1 pound of sugar is based on the fact that most honeys average around 80% ...

Homemade Strawberry Wine - Practical Self Reliance
    Since most people will be making a one gallon batch of strawberry wine, I’ve written this recipe for a full gallon. If you want to make a micro-batch in a quart jar, just divide by 4. Similarly, divide by 2 for a half gallon batch. Or you know, go crazy and multiply by 5 for a full five gallons of strawberry wine…

Luxury Food Luxury Wine & Spirits Harvey Nichols
    Featuring a selection of the world’s finest goods, our range of luxury food and wine is designed to take you on a true culinary adventure. Our carefully selected edit of spirits is brimming with bottles to make your drinks cabinet shine and will impress at any cocktail evening. If you’re sending the gift of good taste, then look no further than our signature handpicked hampers. 4 Pack - 1 Gallon Glass Jar w/ Plastic ...
    Gallon Glass Jar Kit All you need to start brewing and storing Gallon glass jars that are 1 Gallon capacity. Food safe and easy to clean with a large mouth for easy cleaning by hand or dishwasher. Airtight and leakproof plastic lids. Muslin cloths included for brewing and fermenting. Rubber bands also included to hold the Muslin Cloth in place.

    One quart of corn syrup per 1 1/2 gallons of water and one cup of honey for every ten gallon batch. Starting hydrometer reading of about 60 or 65. Do not exceed 70. Add 1 …

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