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#12 Braided Nylon Twine

If you need information on #12 Braided Nylon Twine, then you are in the right place. : White Nylon Twine, Braided. Size #12, 1/4 lb ...
    Any place where a high quality braided nylon twine is needed, this braided twine will fit the bill. We are not responsible for injury or property damage in the use of any product that we sell. Rope and twine tensile strength (the "lb test" rating) is for new rope under laboratory conditions. Safe working strength is generally 10% to 15% of the ...4.8/5(9) : Catahoula Tarred, Braided Nylon Twine ...
    Made from 100% nylon twine yarns, this black netcoat treated twine is resistant to abrasion, oil, gasoline, mildew, rot, marine growth, and most chemicals. The formulas Catahoula uses to braid this twine have been developed to give just the right braid.4.8/5(1.4K)

Mega Braid 12 Strand - Nylon Line Rope Inc
    12 Plait Nylon rope, most commonly known as Mega Braid from New England Ropes is a popular choice as a mooring line for larger vessels. Mega Braid 12 Strand click photo to enlarge The 12-strand, single braid construction offers a combination of good looks, superb handling, excellent strength and …

Braided Nylon Twine
    Type Braided Seine Twine Material Nylon Color White Twine Size #18 Breaking Strength (Lb.) 156 Length per Pound (Feet) 1000 Ball/Spool Size 0.100 Length …

Nylon Twine McMaster-Carr
    The braided construction makes this twine more wear resistant and less likely to unravel than twisted twine. It is nylon for a good balance between stretch and strength. It resists UV rays and rot.

Braided Twine Braided Fishing Line, Fishing Supplies ...
    Pro Cat #9 500' Braided Nylon Twine $ 6 99 Pro Cat #18 285' Twisted Nylon Twine

Twine Twine Size - Nets & More -
    A short summary of the types of twine available: Twisted: the most common and strongest type of twine for the size.Available in all colors and variations. Braided: does not twist or kink when pulled past another object.; Tarred: extra resistant to abrasion and UV light, easier to knot.By far the most popular twine. Green: for when another color is preferred.

Twine Specification - Lee Fisher Fishing Supply
    White Twisted Nylon Twine Size Break Strength Length/1 Lb. Spool Spool Size 4 15 lb. 6,557 ft. 1 lb. & 1/4 lb. 5 28 lb. 4,888 ft. 1 lb. & 1/4 lb. 6 36 lb. 3,283 ft. 1 lb. & 1/4 lb. 7 65 lb. 2,756 ft. 1 lb. & 1/4 lb. 9 81 lb. 2,293 ft. 1 lb. & 1/4 lb. 12 85 lb. 1,887 ft. 1 lb. & 1/4 lb. 15 109 lb

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